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I was playing my regular gig in Balmain in inner Sydney when my phone rang.

It was the celebrated award winning Australian filmmaker Bill Bennett.

He offered to shoot the video for my song. I was completely floored.

Bill and his wonderful wife Jennifer have been travelling the world over the last two years promoting their film PGS The Way - Intuition Is Your Personal Guidance System.    

These people run on intuition. If Bill’s telling me he wants to shoot my film clip, I’m in!!

So Bill and Jennifer and I spent ten days on the Camino in April 2018 ….it was one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life.

We worked all day everyday to get the best possible shots in the best possible locations - Bill and Jennifer were professionalism on a whole new level.

I learned so much about dedication to your art….and your heart.

I made friends for life.

And I have footage I hope will tell the story of the Camino for generations to come.

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