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5th MAY - 20th MAY 2024

Leon - Santiago de Compostela

Losing my voice was a huge wake-up call.  Getting my voice back, after months and months of hard work, made me super determined to make the most of my God-given gifts.


So I’m making a new album.


Artists these days make zero dollars when they release music, so record companies no longer finance albums. Musicians usually crowdfund their projects.  I was ready to establish a crowdfunding program, when my wife Jennifer had a genius idea.


Why not invite pilgrims on a three week tour on the Camino, performing gigs along the Way, and their contribution will pay for the album.  They’ll have front row seats on a musical Camino.  


The tour starts in Leon and finishes in Santiago de Compostela.  Three weeks of fun, friends and stories you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


I’m asking for $A1000 for a spot on the tour.  [$US640   €600]  Every cent will go to making the new album. Spots are limited - we are planning for 50 seat venues. 


One of the top producers in Australia is at the controls.  I’ll be working with some of the best musicians in the country.  The album, “Storyteller” will be epic.


I won’t be a guide, or book your accommodation, or organise your meals.  I’ll simply be performing shows along the way, in bars, cafes, town squares, and in albergue courtyards.  We will sing in 500-year-old wineries, in churches, and under the stars.


Help me make the record I’ve waited my whole life to make.

Limited spots available
click link above to secure your spot

Itinerary and FAQ

Exciting Feature Length Camino de Santiago Documentary - 2024

Exciting Feature Length Camino de Santiago Documentary - 2024

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